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Thank you for visiting.  I am a computer programmer and author who lives in Polson, Montana.  


Published Works


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Plato's Cave During the Slicer Wars and other short stories

During the darkest days of the Slicer Wars will the Allegory of Plato's Cave be enough to save all of mankind?

You can find the free e-book at Smashwords or buy the printed version at Amazon.com



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The Hue of Heather

Heather has one purpose: travel to Scotland to say goodbye. She will lay her hand upon stone so old it was ancient before life itself crawled from stagnant pools of water. It seems, however, that Scotland has its own plan for Heather. Will Heather prevail or will Scotland finally have its Lavender Lady?

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Ginar the First

Silver creatures forged from magic slaughtered her family the day it started to rain. Four months have passed and it hasn’t stopped raining and the creatures haven’t stopped killing. Can one woman, a prince and an old wizard solve the riddle of the silver creatures and the rain? Or will their world drown before they reach the answer they seek?

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You can also find a free piece of prose entitled The Color of My Mother's Voice at Smashwords





Eating the Moon How bad is it when a werewolf isn't the scariest thing chasing you?


Magnetic Flux After a scientific experiment goes awry, can two scientists, childhood friends torn asunder by a betrayal, join forces to fight nature and an evil CEO to stabilize the magnetic field before the earth is thrown off its axis, destroying mankind forever.


Winning for Two As a ghost writer researches an Olympic swimmer's life in the wild beauty of Alaska and cajoles him to reveal his secrets, he discovers she has secrets of her own. Can their relationship survive the hidden mysteries of their pasts?


Gluon Two war veterans: One is running from the past and the other wants to remain in it.  Together, can they help each other live in the present?